Boardinghouse with White Moutain

Convenient and comfortable accommodation, the restaurant with an excellent cuisine, outdoor sitting and a first-rate service in undisturbed milieu of our boardinghouse with White Mountain view point and an outlook-tower in background.... in spite of only 200 m long away from the downtown of Kopřivnice.

The boardinghouse has a large garden with a playground for your children.
We have own parking place for your car including a watching camera system.

ubytování Beskydy ubytování Beskydy ubytování Beskydy ubytování Beskydy


Jarní 333/2
742 21 Kopřivnice
Czech Republic

IČ: 26866269, DIČ: CZ26866269


+420 556 802 265


GPS coordinates:

49°35'56.44"N; 18°8'28.53"E

ubytování Beskydy, penzion Kopřivnice